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Why are some entrepreneurs more successful and happier than others? ...

"Imagine two businessmen: One of them is working his butt off, like a horse, the other one is creating *wealth* and enjoying the sunny side of life. Who of these two are you?

Do you want to achieve *more*? Do you have big goals and dreams you want to come true?

"BusinessCompass.NET will help you to attract new customers and
 Business partners for your business in your region and your country
as well as from all other parts of the world."

BusinessCompass.NET - Your Worldwide Business Connection!

"Boost your sales NOW using marketing strategies of the best company in the world that have proven effective a million times!"


Business Club will bring inspiration and new business strategies for larger sales and more income to your business...

What if there was a way to take advantage of the secrets of success of the world's best entrepreneurs to improve your business, become wealthy and have more time for yourself and your family?

As a matter of fact, few entrepreneurs use their potential to the fullest. Most entrepreneurs are not as successful as they would like to be.
The relevant studies have shown that 80% of entrepreneurs will never become financially free to the extent they want to be, and 80% will never say that they are really happy.

The reason is simple - very few entrepreneurs share their secrets of success and knowledge with others and only a small part of entrepreneurs are developing a stable passive income.

If you are tired of fighting every month, and want to finally start making money, you've always dreamed of, just give us 3 minutes of your time, because the answer to this problem exists - it's simple legal and you can’t miss it.


Dear Entrepreneur,

Most entrepreneurs and companies work too hard and earn too little! If something goes wrong, there is a great risk of being in the square one again.

But working harder is not the solution! First, you have to work more than the others. How many additional hours will you handle before you ruin your health?

In today's world you have to find new ways to attract new customers, obtain more orders and grow sales in a cost-effective and efficient way!


"Forget about millions of other people for now, let's talk about YOU!"

Why did you become independent?

Does your company sell? Do you live the way you wanted?

You should know you can make a lot more sales and thus achieve a higher standard of living, if you learn to promote your business more effectively!

If you ask us today ...

"What is the most important skill of a private entrepreneur or a company?"

... we will answer simply and clearly

"The most important skill of any private entrepreneur or the company is to offer their products or services in such a spectacular way which immediately attracts the attention of potential clients making them buy from you, or place their orders!

And ...

Through your professional activity you can promptly build solid passive income, achieve financial independence and strengthen it.

It seems incredible, but if you are not worried about money, you will be able to attract the best business opportunities as a magnet.

Because in today's business world no longer the larger bits the smaller but the faster bits the slower.
The more people are willing to help you with your product or service, the more successful and happier you feel.

"Do you want customers to flock to you like bees to a honey pot?"…

As a member of BusinessCompass.NET you are using successful and a million times proven marketing strategies of leading world companies.

Through the use of these strategies you...

  Sell more and attract more new customers, if you know how
      to negotiate.

  Earn as much as you want...

  Fill your order book and the grow your event list...

  Make it impossible to ignore your offers!

  Sell your product in a way that your customers can’t say NO!

  Position yourself as an expert in your field!

  Switch your business on autopilot!

  Become independent from the search engines!

  Become a threat to your competitors...

  Dominate the market and your niche...

and much more...

We will talk about it in detail later, but first we will draw a few facts about BusinessCompass.NET:
BusinessCompass.NET is an international club of enterprises and entrepreneurs that are committed to help you discover, as a member of our network, secrets
of success of the world's leading companies and apply them to your
business practices.

All the work of BusinessCompass.NET is 100% focused on helping you as a member of our network use the best marketing strategies, attract new customers and turn the money of your business into your personal gold mine.

In BusinessCompass.NET best strategies for success are optimized and improved for you. They are proven systems that have worked successfully for thousands of years and adapted to our age of globalization coupled with the most powerful tool of the modern era - the Internet.

In addition, through BusinessCompass.NET you get access to simple and easy to implement strategies and tools to create passive income through multiple revenue streams and increase your financial and entrepreneurial freedom
and independence.

We will help you to reduce the cost of advertising by *minimum* 50% with the existing marketing and advertising campaigns and to save more *money*.
Using the money saved, you can make your customers a better offer than
your competitors.

Purchasing and ordering from the representatives of the club shall become a pleasant event for customers, so that they continue to choose products and services of our members, and recommend them to their friends and acquaintances!

10% of all membership fees on behalf of the members BusinessCompass.NET are donated to charity.

The main purpose of BusinessCompass.NET is to give all people the opportunity to obtain personal, financial and entrepreneurial education, which is only possible with efforts of a large network.

All members of the club act in accordance with the BusinessCompass.NET
Code of Honor.

Club membership can only be granted based on the recommendation or the invitation of one of the members of the club after BusinessCompass.NET conducts a special exam.


  Sign up now!

Imagine a business world where…

  Every business contact means new business opportunities!

  You will automatically get customers and orders, 24 hours a day, throughout the
      world,no matter where you are - in the office or on vacation.

  Advertising costs almost nothing!

  Everything is 100% designed for your success!

  You can create your own market and have a full control over it.

  You have a great platform for new business ideas!

  Your advertising is working right now!

  You use the most successful sales strategies for your business!

  Your customers know exactly what they want and need!

and much more ...


Why a BusinessClub?

You cannot imagine the modern economic world without business clubs.

Business clubs are associations of entrepreneurs aimed at helping each other and sharing their experience for joint success.

We have dealt with business clubs since 2007, when we ourselves wanted to join a business club. During the search we noticed that…

  The membership can be very expensive: In some clubs the membership
    charges can be up to several thousand euro – with up to € 5.000 initiation fee
    and € 3.000 annual  membership fee. Such prices as well as other charges
    are not so uncommon.

  Certain industries are being neglected by some clubs and have no chance
    for development (for example, employees of funeral service).

  There could be prohibitions and limitations: In some clubs rules and
    restrictions  impede freedom of enterprise, rather than promote it.

  Some clubs limit membership to one club only: Some clubs prohibit their
    members to join other business clubs.

  Some clubs have regional limitations: Activities of some clubs are associated
    with certain areas and regions only.

  Only one marketing strategy is being deployed: Some clubs prefer to
    follow one marketing strategy only.

  Some clubs have required activities: Failure to attend weekly / monthly
    mandatory events may cause expulsion from the club.

  –°ontractual obligations and termination terms: Long-term contractual
    obligations and termination procedures hinder entrepreneurial freedom.

  There is a lack of direct benefit to consumers: Most clubs offer no direct
    benefits to end-users (customers).

  Lack of interest in the by-production: In some clubs there are no
    additional  industries.

Inspired by the most successful entrepreneurs and coaches of our time, such as Nikolaus B. Enkelmann, T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Dirk M. Lambert, and many others, we have implemented our idea to create BusinessCompass.NET.

The goal of BusinessCompass.NET is to provide you, a member of the club and an entrepreneur the opportunity to use the most effective sales strategies to strengthen competitiveness and free you from the restrictions that limit your
free enterprise.

In order for your customers to directly benefit from your products and services, buy from you, and give you orders.

You should know the following: "The acquisition of new customers is the fuel of any business!"

Without a constant flow of new customers the cash flow drive of your business may at some point stop working.

With BusinessCompass.NET, you create more and it takes less time. At the end of the year you gain more profit. BusinessCompass.NET is suitable for almost all industries - both for one-man show and for large corporations!

If you're really confident about your product, and your products and services really benefit other people, then ...


  Sign up now! 

What benefits do you receive
as a member of BusinessCompass.NET?

  More revenue and profit! Practical and easy to implement marketing
     strategies in detail for your business.

  Affordable membership fees, acceptable for start-ups.

  More free time through a systematic increase in productivity and

  More control in your market. You position yourself more effectively in the
     market and attract more customers and orders!

  Much more energy, enthusiasm and satisfaction because your order
     books are filled for a month ahead!

  Financial Freedom! Thanks to a stable passive income, you are free from
     material concerns and can afford to live the way you always wanted!

  Motivated employees because their incentives are reasonable and
     their job is constantly making new vital impulses.

  Stable processes and reliable results in terms of efficiency. Your customers are
     always aware of your latest offers and products.

  Much more profit! Due to the success of other members, your
     company focuses on profit!

  You find new business partners at home and abroad, stay informed and develop
     new markets.

  As a member, you support customers, all members, provide support to
     charities, and become more and more successful.

  You reduce advertising costs and increase participation!

  Each member of the club is a potential client of your products
     and services.

  Each participant is also referee for your business (direct and indirect).

  Access to the password-protected area of the club members.

  Exclusive benefits for members of the club.

  Best marketing strategies of BusinessCompass.NET are being
     continuously developed and improved for you as a memberof
     the club.

and much more ....

BusinessCompass.NET will help you achieve greater revenue and profit in your business.

If you know the phrase: "If you want to change the world for the better - start with yourself!"


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And now let’s again briefly review the most
important benefits...
We help businesses make more money!

  Contacts are a goldmine of business: You gather an electronic
       database of addresses of your  visitors We provide you with a
       unique feature that allows make new contacts and attract them
       as customers.

  Marketing: You make the offers that are difficult to resist.

  TOP-News: Increase your sales, keeping all interested customers
       informed about new products.

  TOP-Jobs: You attract managers / professionals to create a team of
       your dream.

  Banner advertisement: All BusinessCompass.NET visitors involuntarily
       remember your brand having seen the banner ads.

  Promotion of your business through video: This is one of the most
       effective way to reach potential customers and new customers, and
       generate and increase sales.

  Financial freedom: You use subsidiaries and affiliate programs of
       BusinessCompass.NET to create a solid and durable passive income.
       With a stable income you are free from material concerns, and can
       afford a standard of living, which you have always dreamt of.

  New business ideas and business partners: Use the power of
       club’s network, open new markets, share ideas with each other and find
       new business partners at home and abroad.

  No contractual obligations and terms of termination: We want
       to help your entrepreneurial freedom and fundamentally reject the
       contractual obligations and terms of termination.

  Effective reference marketing: From member to member
       (active and passive).

  BusinessCompass.NET Manual: You will receive a guide with detailed
       advice for the effective use of marketing strategies for your dynamic
       success with BusinessCompass.NET.

  Do something good: 10% of the membership dues of all members
       BusinessCompass.NET Club is used for charitable purposes.

  Success and marketing strategies: Marketing strategies are being
       constantly updated and improved by BusinessCompass.NET.

and much more…


Why the membership fees are so low?
By keeping membership fees low, we want to promote the growth of the Club network and reward our first members by giving them permanently low membership fees and take an advantage of many added bonuses, even in the future.
Another reason for the low membership fees is that some adjustments must still be completed according to the latest online marketing standards. We are committed to rapid improvement and high quality service.
However, it is very likely that the membership fees  will be more expensive in a future and membership fee will go up.
So it is your opportunity to purchase your membership at a low price and be one of the first entrepreneurs in your industry who will have the most effective marketing strategies that you can apply in your business right away!

Tip: Sign up to BusinessCompass.NET  today. It will change your life!  

Be honest: What do you lose? The worst thing that can happen is that nothing
will change.
BusinessCompass.NET takes all risks!
We offer an uncompromising guarantee ...
Our guarantee: If you apply all of the marketing strategies of BusinessCompass.NET, stay active for 12 months, and the amount of your income is larger than your annual fee, we will help you until you achieve success!

As you see, we stand for our club!
Registration can start right now. Just click here, join BusinessCompass.NET and start your personal success story.
Your turn!...

Do you know what the difference between babblers and men of action is? The later achieve results and  ... make decisions.

“Through the use of a BusinessCompass.NET marketing strategy, you can laugh at material concerns!"

AND AGAIN: Our marketing strategies will bring you the money as soon as you apply them!
On your success!
Viktor Kronhardt
Managing Director


P.S.: - You lose nothing. Methods and strategies BusinessCompass.NET will work on you for 100% as soon as you bring them to your work or you will receive the free annual membership.

And the best thing is that you can make sure for yourself  how well these strategies function as soon as you start to use them!....

P.P.S.: - How long are you going to wait before you start working for yourself, your family and your future? You have nothing to lose, you win! The world needs people who want to do something! Do not hesitate and
book your place now!

A couple work for conclusion: You surely know the difference between a winner and a braggart?

P.P.P.S.: - Act like a winner! "Chances are always there. Those that you miss will be used by others! "



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